Linda Filteau

Mrs. Filteau obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a concentration in French from Annhurst College, Woodstock, CT in 1975. From 1989 to 1995, she taught a class in introductory French to junior high students at St. James School in Danielson, CT. With the opening of CCA in 1999, she began teaching Kindergarten and later moved to the junior high grades. In 2005, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Christian Education (MSCE) Magna Cum Laude from Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania. Philosophy of Christian Education: “Christian education” simply put is the process of training and nurturing a student to grow in Christ-like character and academic abilities for the glory of God and for service to others. Since the primary responsibility for training a child rests with parents, a Christian school should serve as an extension of the family in that God-given task. The foundation of a truly “Christian” education is the infallible authority of the Bible as the source of all truth and the filter through which all subject matter is processed (I John 4:1). A Christian curriculum delivered through a staff of born again believers is at the core of a successful Christian school. The goal of Christian education is life change. Only when a student accepts Christ as Savior and yields to His Lordship can he realize his own unique potential (Phil. 1:10). As a result of instilling Biblical values, stimulating critical thinking skills, and developing Christian character traits, a child will be equipped to serve God faithfully throughout their lives in the home, church and community. The desired end result of Christian education is a disciple with a Christian worldview (Psalm 24:1) who is well prepared for faithful service (2 Tim. 2:15).